About us

We are two artists that have decided we could always use more workshops and lecturing and would like to meet and learn more often.

Our two lectors have varying experience and abilities, but also share many of them.


mgr. Katrin Buttig

  • Graduated from art highschool and obtained a magister degree from art history
  • Rich experience with creative workshops and lectures
  • Focuses mainly on landscape painting in plain air
  • Master studies
  • Teaches practical human and animal anatomy knowledge
  • Turns seemingly mundane studies into something original and fun
  • Art portfolio

Tery Šedová

  • Graduated from graphic design school in Pilsen
  • Works as a freelancer for over 8 years on illustrations and other creative projects
  • Mostly works with clients from all over the world
  • You can find some of her book covers even in czech stores
  • Often found attending local and international festivals and workshops
  • Approaches every student individually, supports creative and critical thinking
  • Leads students to finding their own style and creative identity
  • Art portfolio